46 Missed Calls​/​Live at KPFK

by Rough Church



Recorded in 2013 at Estudio. First 6 tracks were done live, and just by the seat of our pants, with few overdubs, the live stuff at KPFK was in Nov. 2013 at Mark Torres's "Travel Tips For Aztlan

Lyrics: 1. Nylon Nation (Semiotics of Paradise)
Fishschool’s Law of Averages is drowned
Fathom’s deep beneath the Nylon Nation
Sailing under a different, sailing under a different,
Sailing under a Different,
different, different,
Driftnet, Driftnet of convenience.

Fishschool’s Law of Averages is drowned
Fathoms deep by the Nylon Nation
Sailing under a driftnet of convenience

Drugged fruitbats of Gotham City.

We are confiscated by customs and fed to a media scrum
Of sacred sharks.
We are ALL confiscated by customs and fed to a media scrum
Of sacred sharks.
The hellish smell of smell of a singed satay
A monkey’s uncle on a stick
Is waived under an envoy’s nose.
Is waived under an envoy’s nose.
Sky's incontinent plumbing spews
Battery-Acid rainwater over six lanes of slow moving traffic
Ringing grooves of spare change, dropped by jet-lag zombies
Are brokered for an open market.

The exposed metal cranium of a twitching compulsive gambler
Explodes in mid-flight, bits of surveillance mini-cameras
Rain down over a wide area.

2. Hot 98 (Chords)

Hot 98, Don’t be late
Can I call you Back ?”
“CD or MP3”? “CD”
“Huh”? “CD”! “CD”?
“Cool Man, Thanks”!
Talk To You later”
Chords Vocal and Math Theorem
One that connects the voice and the soul
Inner connecting chords inside a voice with equal segments.
Chords on a piano, Chords of life you see,
Connecting to our past and nurturing our future
Chord blood, The blood, we use to bring a cure
That ails us, assails us, Chords!
Sometimes it needs to be severed, it naturally applies
Til we get wise to say, never take the bonds of love away
Stay together, tied forever.
Stay together, tied forever.
Real or imagined chords
We are tied to the mother when she is our host
Like the Earth, Like the Earth, Like the Earth
Like the Earth.
Don’t we get it?
Tied to the Mother.
Hot 98 is on the Air
Hot 98 is in your hair!
Chords, Chords, Chords,
Hot 98 Don’t be late!
Got some Luther Vandross coming up next.
Ha Ha Ha.
Allright, I’m done.
It’s ok, Children.
Get together.

3. Shark’s Cage

I got you a promise hoop, Wanna get to the next phase.
I got you a promise hoop, Wanna get to the next phase.
But first you said:
“Gotta go into the Shark’s Cage”
Burt first you said:
“Shark’s Cage”
To be honest with you, I’d probably never do this on my own
But I don’t want to go back on the promises I have told, you.
I won’t waver, I won’t be late.
I will go!
Into the shark’s cage. (4u)
We will scream together when they circle around,
We will bind our lips forever, I want to wear your,
I wanna wear your…. wear your crown.
Our screaming love bubble goes up and explodes in the light,
I know this is your test, I don’t wanna cry
I do tremble just putting on the fins.
I don’t really, really, want to go in.
To the Shark’s cage, Don’t wanna go in
I’d never do this on my own
But I don’t want to go back on the promises I have told.
Shark’s cage etc.

4. Airport Cough (International Conspiracies)

Everything is up in the air,
No one seems to care
An election coming up.
I don’t wanna get grumpy and stuff.
I’m international
Dealing I’m getting the feeling
Something’s going on I can’t take
I feel I’m going to break.
I got to get somewhere else,
Got to find myself.

So I say let’s take off!
But I got this little cough.
So they detained me.

I said “don’t wanna stay here!”
in this airport scene”
“I gotta leave”

International, conspiracies!
International, help me please!

I said I’m going to call up Hillary Clinton.
Maybe she can so some thinking
I gotta get out of this situation soon.
Cause I’m international,
I’ve got all the flags flyin’
I got the eggs fryin’

I fighting something I don’t understand.
I don’t understand.

Clocks, Calendars, Nights, Days
(The world looks different)

Of bees dying out
Honey, honey-less clouds.
Forest drought
Red, Yellow.
Charcoal’s grain.
Eyes are smarting from a world.
Desperate for rain.

And the air is full of grit, and were’ so desperate!
That we cling to it.

Bog cotton frenzy winter
Dancing erasures over hills
Leaf litter corrected by snow, here we go!

I see the world differently
I see the world differently
I see the world differently
I see the world....

Leaf litter corrected by snow, fog grows, swallows the sea,
Then starts in on a shore.
Skerricks of twigs skim high! far flung from the grips of fists.
And I remember, remember, remember, remember to dip into your bucket,
deep deep deep deep into the morning sun,
but don't drown in apathy my friend, don't drown, don't drown, don't drown.

Because the world looks so different, world looks different to me, the world keeps changing...........................................................................................

Then down in the earth's mouth, a slow song about the rain,
As you heave, as you heave, as you heave from the dark, to hear a thunderous beat, thunderous beat, thunderous beat, thunderous beat.
Clocking on an old tin roof.

By fast slow,high, deep; sing, dance, laugh sleep; by climb fall, jump walk; chance breath, cry talk, by clocks, calendars and nights and days It's.. Everything I go, I go this way because the world seems different these days, last time I think so. DAYS, World seems different these days, World seems different these days.


released April 14, 2014

Greg-gtr/vocal Kaitlin Wolfberg-violin/keys/voc/mando Fredo Ortiz on drums and percussion, Dante Pascuzzo on bass, and Carey Fosse on gtr. KPFK Tracy Hill (not Fredo) on drums.



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Rough Church Los Angeles, California

Rough Church was conceived after the demise of Ferdinand, the band that existed from 1994-2003. Baseball, Concrete, rare steamy rain, tumbleweeds and lost poems about dirty chimneys are what influence this band. It spits out indie pop classic jams that get us compared to everything from Minutemen, Pixies, Broken Social Scene, WAR and Grand Funk. Deal with it! We can't get away from it. ... more

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