Queen's Sacrifice

by Rough Church



It was a long journey, we wrote these songs in early 2015, We recorded all of last year, and finally we have it for you.


released February 24, 2017

Queen’s Sacrifice –2016

Rough Church 2015/2016 is: Greg Franco, Alfredo Ortiz, Carey Fosse, Dante Pascuzzo, J.L. Esquivel, Kaitlin Wolfberg, and Tracy Hill.
Guest musicians - Andy Sykora, Marc Doten, Kedron Parker, Vorn Colgan, Thomas Liggett & Dayna Richards

“Fearless Friends share defeats, You can phase me”
Bully My Heart:
Written by Fredo and Greg
Greg- Vocals
Fredo- Guitar and drums, percussion
Kaitlin- Violin, vocals
Carey- Guitars
Dante- Bass and piano
Recorded by Manny at Estudio and Andrew Bush at Grandma’s Warehouse. Mixed by Manny Nieto

“Indigo purple and blue, random thoughts fade to you, blind in flight”
5AM Shadows
Written by Dante, lyrics by Kaitlin and Greg
Kaitlin- Keys,vocals
Fredo-Drums, percussion
J.L. Esquivel- Deep throb guitar(bass) Carey- Guitars and efx
Dante- Main acoustic guitar, piano
Andrew Bush played the Suzuki Q chord
Recorded by Richard Bosworth at Firehouse studios, Pasadena CA
Overdubs recorded and Mixed by Andrew Bush at Grandma’s Warehouse

“She read something in Rumble Fish that made her want the keys to her own heart”
Book Junkies:
Written by Greg
Greg- Vocals, guitar
Kaitlin- Violin, vocals
Fredo- Drums, percussion
Carey- Lead Guitars
Dante- Bass
Recorded by Manny at Estudio and Andrew Bush at Grandma’s Warehouse. Mixed by Andrew Bush

“Would you stay in a lover’s story?”
Kooks: (David Bowie)
Greg- Guitar, vocal
Andy- Cymbals, percussion, gong, voc
Kedron- Voc
Marc- Bass,
Dayna –Trumpet
Denny Moynahan- Ukulele.
Recorded in Wellington, New Zealand at Surgery Studios by Lee Prebble, more recording done at Trend Coma Bootleg in Echo Park

“Let’s talk about it, let’s make a better sound, all is not lost and forgotten”
Speak As One
Written by band, lyric by Greg
Greg- Guitar, vocals
Kaitlin- Keys, theremin, vocals
Dante- Bass
Carey- Guitars
Fredo- Drums
Recorded at Estudio and with Andrew Bush at Grandma’s, Mixed by Manny Nieto

She also told me stay away you never know what you’ll catch”
Surrender: (Rick Nielsen)
Carey- Monster Guitars
Dante- Chunky Guitar and keys
Bass- J.L. Esquivel
Kaitlin -Violins
Fredo Ortiz – Drums, percussion
Greg, Kaitlin and Fredo -vocals

Produced by Richard Bosworth at Firehouse Studios, Pasadena CA
Overdubs recorded and Mixed by Andrew Bush at Grandma’s Warehouse

“He’s got a view of Downtown LA, he likes it that way, and he’s got a view of the city, like an Angel”

Don Franco is resting on his Etta Street Green Patch in the sky.
Written by Greg.
Greg- Vocal
Dante- Guitars, stand up bass

Recorded at Estudio and Mixed by Manny Nieto

“Ticks and Tocks, Rockin’ in the Breeze”
Shed Light
Written by Mark Mastopietro/ Greg Franco
lyric by David Eggleton
Greg- Vocals
Kaitlin- Really old piano, vocals, plucked violin.
Fredo- Drums, percussion, vocals
Carey- Guitars
Dante- Bass and mandolin
Recorded by Manny Nieto at Estudio, Overdubs at Grandma’s and Mixed by Andrew Bush.

“I want to cry”
Goodbye to Greg
Written by Chris Knox
Greg- Vocals, acoustic guitar
Kaitlin- Keys
Carey- Guitar
Dante- Bass
Fredo- Drums
Tracy Hill- Percussion
Rough Church LIVE at Taix By Manny Nieto 6/21/2013

Mastered by Bob Weston at Chicago Mastering Service, September 2016
Original Art by Heidi Borchardt. Band Photos by Kaitlin Wolfberg.
Art Directon by Rachel Gutek.
Thanks to all of you beautiful people, especially the band’s moms/husbands/wives/ friends, family, animals,and main support Rose Ann Hall, Michelle Davis Franco, Andrew Maitai, Harvey the K.
“The Chicago Kid” John Ryan.
And Rene Travis.

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Rough Church Los Angeles, California

Rough Church was conceived after the demise of Ferdinand, the band that existed from 1994-2003. Baseball, Concrete, rare steamy rain, tumbleweeds and lost poems about dirty chimneys are what influence this band. It spits out indie pop classic jams that get us compared to everything from Minutemen, Pixies, Broken Social Scene, WAR and Grand Funk. Deal with it! We can't get away from it. ... more

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Track Name: Bully My Heart
Bully My Heart- Rough Church.

Pyramids rise from the sea
They’re amazing
My head is serious, trip to the top so dazzling,
Steep is this climb, can we go further?
Makes me feel dumb enough
We fit like hand in glove
It will not be, It just can’t be
Bully My Heart again.
Can’t be, It just can’t be, Bully My Heart again.

Lid on the pressure pan, still be Zen
Bully my Heart again, (2x)
Touching the blades of a fast moving fan,
Who am I? Now as a man?
No way!
Not Sane!
Bully My Heart Again.

ooh ooh ooh, Bully My Heart again, Again Again, ooh ooh ooh etc.

Fearless Friends share defeats,
You can phase me
I feel the pressure drop, flip and flop,
Just goes crazy.
Bright is this line, I know I’m, I’m not her kind, Take one more sucker punch, try to fit in fingered glove, it will not be, It just can’t be,
Bully My Heart again… music by Fredo Ortiz, lyrics by Greg Franco.